Laptop Factory Malta

Laptop Factory approached us to implement a system for their retail store selling IT Equipment. As a solution covers from Sales / Quotations, Inventory Management, Purchases, Multiple Warehousing and Accounts.

The client also deals in refurbished laptops and hence qualify to use the VAT MARGIN SCHEME. We had built an application for the client that is easy to use and helps the client in being compliant with VAT MARGIN SCHEME rules.

YHSM - Malta (Yacht Hub Group)

YHSM Approached Yankho to implement a system which will organize the company servicing management of Yachts. As part of the implementation, we configured Sales, Invoicing, Accounts, Purchases, Inventory Management, Timesheets and Field Service Management all linked together.

With the introduction of Odoo YHSM are handling all the processes from one system from a quote stage, to handling the project including timesheets and stock management for services till the final invoice.

Colta Tipped Tools

Colta Tipped Tools which are Manufacturers of all types of carbide tipped tools, technical consultants, saw and cutter repair services.They approached us to implement a system for their day to day business. As a solution covers from Sales, Quotations and Accounting.

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