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Whatever your challenge in business there is always a solution. We are here for you, our process involves looking at your business goals, whether it’s a project or a particular challenge you’re facing, deeply understanding your industry and what you want to achieve and based on this relationship creating the right solutions for you.

Our strengths lie in the ability to dig deeper and understanding the real needs behind your processes leading to your business growth.

Whatever area of business you need to scale or improve, be it Finance, Business Development, processes or communicating your message we have access to the necessary experience and expertise to achieve this with you.

Conventionally these areas of business translate into accounting, consultancy, marketing and design, IT and software solutions. However, we understand that we are living in everchanging times and therefore we do not try to fit a solution to a business problem but offer an approach to overcoming the challenges holding you from reaching your end game.

We are enthusiastic and passionate and can relate to varied industries and verticals in which companies operate.

Our love for entrepreneurship is the motivator behind Yankho’s very existence. Yankho deriving from the African name meaning “Answer” or “Response”. And what is a business if not an answer to a problem and a response to an opportunity. Our vision is

“To provide local and international companies with an answer to their challenges enabling them to respond to opportunities they have identified.”

Our experience in web design, IT, management, sales and marketing and finance allows us to look at business holistically. This constitutes our mission;

“To view our customers’ businesses holistically and activate the latest technologies and processes facilitating their business plans”

One stop shop for all your business needs!

We provide the best services for our customers.

Accounts & Payroll

When you are at the steering of your company, you need your dashboard to give you the correct results for the correct decisions.

Business Advisory

Focusing on Earning the Right Approach will have an incredible effect on the success of every business.

ERP & Software Solutions

Organizations with robust systems typically gain from robust business processes and vice versa.

Website Development

We love being creative and design with passion, building epic web experiences to blow people’s minds.

Marketing Consultancy

Our job as marketers is to understand how your customers want to buy and help them to do so.

Branding / Graphic Design

There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.










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